Always Endure

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He Gives & Takes Away

It was a Wednesday morning in March, the 16th to be exact. I woke up anxiously excited as I walked into the bathroom with shaky hands and unwrapped the packaging… After meeting with the fertility doctor the previous year, we…

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The Most Gracious Gift

Rain sprinkled on my windshield as I sat in my car looking at the rays of red light slicing through the darkness one Wednesday night after church. It was in this moment I was motivated by the Holy Spirit to…

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About Corey by Brittany

Where do I start… Corey is the answer to the prayers that I prayed since I was 13. He is everything on my list (more about that to come) and so much more. I truly thank God for him daily….

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About Brittany by Corey

Without a doubt, Britt is God’s answer to years of prayer for a best friend and future spouse. She is loving and kind, VERY gracious, and the one who is goofy and makes me laugh. She is an amazing mother…

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Meet the Founders

Hello, We are The Buckner Family and the founder’s of Always Endure. • More about us • Corey is the founder of Always Endure and a cancer survivor himself (more on that to come). Corey currently works at another nonprofit,…

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How Always Endure began

Always Endure began several years before our first benefit 5k run. I (Corey) prayed on the way home from Wednesday night Bible study that if anyone in my family would get cancer, God would give it to me. I asked…

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