About Corey by Brittany

Where do I start… Corey is the answer to the prayers that I prayed since I was 13. He is everything on my list (more about that to come) and so much more. I truly thank God for him daily. Corey is full of fun! He has the best smile and laugh. He has the biggest heart for people that I have ever known. He has a servants heart. He loves the Lord and leads his family with integrity and truth.
He treats “his girls” like princesses. He loves us endlessly. He spoils us and always makes sure we have why we need and want.
He is quirky (but I love it). He enjoys all things superheroes and movies. He enjoys being active and fit. Corey is currently the Director of Operational Support at the Downtown Rescue Mission in Huntsville; he has served under different roles there for 10 years. He is also the Associate Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church in Fayetteville where we are members.
Corey dreams big dreams and I am blessed to have a front row seat to see how God uses this amazing man for His kingdom.

Love you more, mostest ever! 😍😘

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