About Brittany by Corey

Without a doubt, Britt is God’s answer to years of prayer for a best friend and future spouse. She is loving and kind, VERY gracious, and the one who is goofy and makes me laugh. She is an amazing mother who loves our daughter (and me) so incredibly much. Britt grew up as a PK (pastor’s kid) who genuinely loves the Lord and ministry with all of her heart. Outside of the Holy Spirit within me, the Lord uses her to keep me accountable and faithful to His Word.

Britt is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and has an active wear business with a company called Zyia. Her love language is quality time and thankfully lets me know when I’m not giving her the focus and time she needs (I’m so easily distracted). She loves animals and would totally use every cent we have to buy a house full of dogs… or a small zoo. She enjoys family walks through our neighborhood, beach vacations, collecting water bottles, being fit and active, listening to podcasts and sermons, serving others, and anything we can do together as a family.

I’m definitely a more faithful follower of Christ and overall better man because of her influence in my life. Love you babe, mosties, eternity, infernity! ðŸ˜ŠðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜

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